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Beef Offal in Broth
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Beef Offal in Broth

MemoStories: All the Hidden Gems are Inside the Local Alleys. This Beef Offal Store is Amazing.

Most beef offal in the Canton province is usually cooked in bittern brine with strong scents and flavors. However, this store’s signature is beef offal cooked in a light broth. It only opens in the evening till night, but people line up outside the store almost every day

The beef offal has to be very clean and neat to be served, so the owner spends a lot of time preparing before opening the shop every morning. He thinks it’s the most difficult and time consumer procedure. However, he wants to bring the best beef offal to the people and to him, the satisfaction from the customers are something irreplaceable.


“Beef Offal in Broth”: The soup looks very light and clear, but it tastes very fresh and sweet. You can add some of their XO sauce if you like spicy

Chicken Feet in Pepper Soup”: The chicken feet are cooked till soft and full of flavor. It’s very easy to eat around the bones

Cheddar Cheese Crab Leg Udon” and “Friend Squid Wonton” are some very popular snacks here

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