Japas Macau
Dinner Set

Don’t Miss This Much Worth Trying Restaurant When You Visit Macau!

Besides all the historical heritage, Macau has many special restaurants worth visiting. “Japas Macau” uses European cooking methods with Japanese ingredients to a brand-new fusion cuisine. Each dish is like a piece of art in order to bring an amazing taste and visual experience to the customers.

“Celebration” is the most popular 9-dish dinner set. It’s MOP 380 per head. You can see the chef’s effort in every single detail of the dinner, from cooking to plating to serving. Even the salad uses its home-grown vegetables from its organic water farm. It’s quite awesome to be able to have such a delicate dinner outside of a five-star hotel.



“Home-Made Baby Wheat Juice” – Freshly made cold pressed. Very green and fresh but not bitter.

“Cucumber Sherbet, celery and Japanese Chives”- The cucumber sherbet is very refreshing, and the Japanese chives has its unique bittersweet taste.

“Thin Cut Scallop with Perilla Vinegar” – The scallops are firm and sweet. It’s very appetizing with the perilla vinegar.

“Australian Beef Cheek burger” They use the beef cheek to make the burger patty. This part of the beef has a unique texture. The burger is crazy good.

“Avocado with Salmon Fillet and Salmon Roe on Japanese Rice” – The light vinegar taste makes the rice very light and refreshing. It’s a great taste for this hot summer time.

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