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Um-roasted Chicken
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Um-roasted Chicken

You can Find the “Old Fashion” Urn-roasted Chicken in Macau Now!

Urn-roasted Chicken is a traditional dish originated in Canton-Chaozhou and Southern Fujian. The chicken is roasted inside a kiln made pot. This restaurant has experimented the cooking method hundreds of times and finally came up with this unbeatable recipe. They also add some Chinese medicine ingredients to the chicken, so the dish is even more unique and healthy

If you are not ready to take on a whole chicken, you can order their Urn-roasted Chicken thighs and wings. Spicy lovers can also try their chili power on the chicken, it has a pretty nice “kick”. I also love their chili marinated chill chicken feet during this hot summer time


Both of the “Original” Chicken & “Danggui” Chicken have a distinct flavor. They are both very tender and juicy, it’s quite difficult to describe the taste in words. The “Original” one has a stronger garlic taste and the “Danggui” one has a Chinese medicine scent

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