Pig Ear’s Salad
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Pig Ear’s Salad

Horta da Mitra may not be popular among tourists, but residents often comes here for delicious cuisine. It has been standing erect for 20-more years, ESTABELECIMENTO DE COMIDAS RICO (“RICO’S”) is a hidden restaurant that serves Portuguese cuisine that tailors to Macau locals’ taste buds. This restaurant attracts hearts and stomachs of residents around, and the family-atmosphere makes the place extra cozy.

Opening hours: 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00

Telephone: 2835 3797


Pig Ear’s Salad

Before the main course, let’s start with a salad as a warm up. Is this Pig Ear Salad appealing to you? The pig ear is crunchy and it has a sour and spicy flavor, now I am ready to eat!

Stirred Fried Clams Portuguese

RICO’S insisted on using fresh ingredients, Stirred Fried Clams Portuguese is offered in limited quantity every day. If you are lucky, you can have a taste of this dish. The chef uses white wine and lemon as seasoning and they really make the clam a lot better.

Roast Lamb Dorsal With Wasabi

As a person who is obsessed with lamb chop, I would like to announce that Roast Lamb Dorsal With Wasab is my kind of dish. RICO’S puts generous amount of wasabi into the dish to make the gamey taste fade away. There is a perfect amount of fat and I can smell the dish as soon as it is on the table.

Baked Mash Potato With Codfish And Fresh Cream(L)

I believe most of the people that come to the restaurant order Baked Mash Potato With Codfish And Fresh Cream. The codfish is salted perfectly, and the hand-smashed potato makes the dish all the better.

Baked Portuguese Chicken With Rice

Basically, each table has Baked Portuguese Chicken With Rice on it. The chicken is stuffed with fried rice. In the grilling process, the rice soaked all the chicken sauce, making the texture of rice a little bit moist. Remember to eat the rice with the crunchy chicken. That’s why this is RICO’S famous dish.


On the other hand, the restaurants offer this Sangria that uses a lot of fruit. The drink is a perfect balance between fragrance and sweetness. Of course, if guests want it to be sweeter the restaurant can make adjustments accordingly. For the non-alcoholics, you can try the aloe soda. The sweetness and the aloe cubes are perfect for getting rid of the grease in your belly.

Cream And Biscuits Portuguese Style

Last but not least, the classic Portuguese dessert Cream And Biscuits Portuguese Style wraps us the meal. Personally, I like the soft texture! You must try this when visiting Macau.

Address16 RUA DE TOMÁS DA ROSA, MACAU Get Direction
AttractionsHorta da Mitra Municipal Market