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Man Ho
Spicy Beef Cheek with “Sichuan” Spice
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Man Ho
Spicy Beef Cheek with “Sichuan” Spice

Man Ho is known for its classic Cantonese dishes. It’s located in a five-star hotel but with an affordable price. With high quality of food and elegant environment, it’s definitely a top-pick to gather with friends and family.

Hours: 11:30 - 14:30 and 18:00 - 22:30

Phone: +853 8886 6228


Spicy Beef Cheek with “Sichuan” Spice

The chef uses a traditional recipe and cooking method for this dish. Combining various unique techniques, this spicy beef dish is perfect. The bright red and spicy peppers look very appetizing and the heat is not overwhelming. It’s a good choice for eaters with a low-heat tolerance.

Honey Glazed Premium Barbecued Pork

It’s not hard to find honey glazed barbecued pork in Macau but calling them “Premium”, Man Ho is definitely one of a few. You can tell how confident they are with this dish. The entire kitchen crew at Man Ho is dedicated to deliver the best dish to the guests.

Braised Chicken with Basil in Clay Pot

This dish gains its popularity from the basil flavors. It’s more common to see this spice on dining table nowadays. To increase the fragrance, using a hot clay pot with other spices, such as star anise and fennel, boosts the dish to another level.

AddressJW Marriott Hotel, Macau, 1/F Get Direction
AttractionsTaipa Four Faced Buddha