San Kam Lok
Sliced Beef

The history of Kam Lok started in the 70’s. It was a street vendor at the beginning then the owner started to sell noodles in Iao Hon and Taipa. After a few decades, the noodle shop is still here with high popularity. It is also many local’s go-to noodles shop. Most people’s favorite is the beef tender meat balls and because of that they are often sold out.

Hours: 12:00 - 17:30

Phone: +853 2841 3970


Sliced Beef

It’s a little different from the Cantonese poached beef, Kam Lok cooks the beef to medium rare to medium. The texture is tender and firm. Dip them in the house-made chili sauce for more flavors. It also has a great price for just MOP 42.

Beef Meat Balls

The meat balls are so popular because the flavors are enhanced during the making pro-cess. Beating the meat creates a unique texture that’s bouncy and firm. After a while, a lot of moisture would evaporated out from the paste. Therefore, the taste is a lot richer.

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

A good bowl of beef brisket noodles soup can be found in a five-starred hotel or a street food cart. Kam Lok’s version is one of my favorite.

AddressShop 58, Rua Da Um Do Bairro Iao Hon, Iao Hon Get Direction
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