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Red Market Beef Intestines Stool
Beef Intestines Congee
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Red Market Beef Intestines Stool
Beef Intestines Congee

There are restaurants selling vintage and others selling innovation. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what exactly is an authentic memorable taste. The beef intestines food kart by the Red Market has been opened for more than 30 years. It’s definitely a symbol of the old Macau streets. Every day, the owner clean and wash the whole kart, cook the intestines for 3-5 hours and push it all out to sell. This style of karts remind me so much of the old small town Macau.

Hours: 14:00 - 19:30

Phone: N/A


Fish Balls

It’s the simplest of the simplest but the flavor is the most memorable. Fish balls are defi-nitely a signature street food. The sauce is spicy and savory. The fish balls are bouncy and yummy.

Beef Intestines Congee

Some are saying that Beef Intestines Congee is going extinct since not many shops are going to make them anymore. The congee here is so rich in flavor. The congee is more watery than others but it has so much intestines in it. It can definitely fulfill your craving.

Beef Intestines

The sound of cutting the intestines can recall a lot of memories as well. It takes a lot of effort to clean and cook the beef intestines and this stool does it very well. All parts of the intestines are very clean and tender. Drenched with hot soup and a handful of green on-ion, a hot bowl of beef intestines is served at its best.

AddressSide Entrance of the Red Market Get Direction
AttractionsEdifício do Mercado Vermelho