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Cafe Encore
Coriander sautéed clams
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Cafe Encore
Coriander sautéed clams

You can enjoy delicious cuisine and appreciate vintage artwork at the same time here at Cafe Encore. Local Macauness and Miss Macau Sofia Paiva is taking us to a luxurious Portuguese meal experience.

Hours: 18:00 - 03:00

Phone: +853 8986 3663


Coriander sautéed clams

This is one of the signature dishes in Portuguese cuisine. Macau is located by the ocean so it’s not hard for us to get fresh seafood. Cafe Encore usually soaks and cleans the clams for over two hours before cooking them. The clams sautéing in wine makes the whole dish very flavorful but fresh. Sofia suggests to dip bread into the sauce, also, drenching some lemon juice on top gives it a kick of tanginess

Portuguese seafood rice stew

The broth is one of the most important ingredients in the rice stew. Cook the rice in the broth until it assorts all the flavors. Combined with a bunch of seafood, such as squid, prawns, clams and spices. This dish is delicious and nutritious.

Bacalhau balls

Sofia has a love-hate relationship with this iconic dish. Bacalhau balls are made of salted cod fish, potatoes and bread crumbs, deep-fried until golden. In order to maintain her fitness, Sofia said it’s only a some-time dish.

AddressMacao R. Cidade de Sintra, Wynn Macau Get Direction
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