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Cafe de Vagos
Barbecue Pork Rice with Scrambled Eggs
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Cafe de Vagos
Barbecue Pork Rice with Scrambled Eggs

Cafe de Vagos is located right across from the Templo de Kun Iam Tong. It’s been gaining some internet fame lately. The brick road is a Portuguese design icon and Cafe de Vagos has leverage this element in its interior design. The Mediterranean blue is also a key ac-cent in the space. Although it’s popular on the internet, it’s not crazy busy the time I visit-ed. It would be a great place to chill and rest. Vagos is the name of a small town in Portu-gal. It’s also the owner’s father birth town. Y’all should come experience this European style cafe!

Open Hours: 07:00 - 18:00

Phone: +853 2833 0225


Barbecue Pork Rice with Scrambled Eggs

The cafe is located on a busy street so you can see people hustling through the windows. Sometimes you also see the neighbors chit-chat. If you are a lover of barbecue pork and scrambled eggs, you can’t miss this high CP value combo. The Barbecue Pork Rice with Scrambled Eggs is one of the signature dishes here. The plate is covered by food. The amount of scrambled eggs is overwhelming. The barbecue pork is also very tasty and it’s a great match with the rice and eggs.

Chicken Pineapple Bun with Scrambled Eggs

Cafe de Vagos provides both eastern and western style good. Having eastern style items in a western environment is very special and you can totally experience it here. The pine-apple bun is also a good choice here. The chicken filet is thick and big. It’s been cut into smaller pieces so it won’t turn into a mess when you bite into the bun. And of course, the eggs make the whole dish even better.

AddressShop 11W, G/F, 11S Avenida do Coronel Mesquita, Mong-Há Get Direction
AttractionsGarden of Montanha Russa
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