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The Princess Noodles
Signature Pork Intestines Noodles
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The Princess Noodles
Signature Pork Intestines Noodles

Flourish textiles, small tables and chairs with a small group of people chatting and sip-ping on their coffee milk tea. This is probably the most familiar sense at the Cantonese cafe in Hong Kong and Macau. Besides these elements, there is a shop in Macau that provides even more memories to many customers. The Princess Noodles is a cafe that belongs to the neighbors. The name of the cafe is based on the couple’s precious daugh-ter. The owners used to work in the fashion industry but now they are dedicated to run an awesome Cantonese cafe. It’s been opened for 4 years now.

Open Hours: 07:30 - 22:00

Phone: +853 2831 3723


Signature Pork Intestines Noodles

It’s very important to make the pork intestines fresh and clean. The Princess Noodles def-initely makes it right. The rice noodles are fresh and soft and the intestines are very clean with great texture. No MSG is added to the dish so feel free to drink all the soup. The por-tion is also quite big. It will certainly fill you up.

Fried Fish Cakes Noodles

Fried Fish Cakes is a famous item in the Cantonese culture. The fish cakes are made of dace fish, egg yolk and other seasoning. It needs to be hand-heated until it gets the right texture. After frying the fish cakes, they are crispy and yummy. The noodles match the fish cakes so well and it’s a great option for an afternoon snack.

AddressShop D, G/F, 83 Repouso, Santo Antonio Get Direction
AttractionsLin Kai Temple