Jade Orchid
Honey Roast Ham

Jade Orchid is an authentic Shanghainese cuisine restaurant. The environment is quiet and elegant. You can find many details inspired by the old Shanghai inside. There are bird cages, and clay rooftops. The decoration on the tables, menu and dishes are also very elegant and sophisticated with a blue color theme. Everything, including the deli-cious food, is articulating a Shanghainese scene.

Hours: 11:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 23:00

Phone: +853 8799 6315


Honey Roast Ham

The Honey Roast Ham is Jade Orchid’s signature dish. This traditional dish is most fa-mous in the Suzhou and Hangzhou region in China. It’s sweet and savory, red in color with a shiny glaze. The ham is rich and tender, sweet and juicy, very addictive. The dish can help increase appetite, and improve your disgust system. It’s made of the best part of the ham then roasted with honey and steamed afterwards. It’s best to enjoy it with a piece of wheat bran crisp and bun. All the layers and textures of flavor will explode in your mouth. It’s a very interesting sensation.

Drunken Chicken

The Drunken Chicken is a famous Jiangnan dish. The chicken is steamed and boiled so it’s not greasy. It’s great for people who want to stay fit. Moreover, the chef also puts a punch of Chinese herbs in it to increase its nutrition value. The chicken is prepared with Shaoxing wine, so it has a unique flavor that is hard to find in other cuisine. The dish is flavorful and refreshing. Yummy!

AddressMezzanine Floor, Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, Harbourview Hotel, Av. Dr. Sun Get Direction
AttractionsMacao Cultural Centre