Indian Garden

Every time I go to Indian Garden, I feel like i’m situating in India because of all the statues and decorations in the restaurant. Of course, the friendly staff members and chefs contribute to this Indian atmosphere. 30 years ago Indian Garden’s founder came to Macau, and started this “Little India” in Macau because he was completely homesick.

Telephone: 2883 7088

Opening Hour: 11:00 - 00:00


Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken, a classic Indian dish, filled the room with the smell of butter and India. This dish has a rich Indian curry flavour and is a little bit spicy so it’s better to eat it with naan bread.

Veg Masala

Masala is a representative Indian spice as you can see it being used in a lot of Indian dishes. If you want to try the authentic Masala, I recommend ordering the Veg Masala, instead of the normal curry, it brings more flavour.

Palak Paneer

You might think that Palak Paneer is a very greasy dish, but Paneer is a very common ingredient. It is made of milk and the texture reminds me of Tofu, with smashed spinach. Turns out it is a very healthy and well-received Indian dish.

Indian Grill Lamb Chop

The most picturesque dish must be the Indian Grilled Lamb. Even though it is not the restaurant’s most popular’s dish but it’s NOT BAD AT ALL. The rich Indian spice clears all the gamey flavour. The whole grill comes with the dish, the smell fills the place. With some vegetables, it is satisfying and addicting.

Prawn Biryani

Those who are on diet must pay attention! Biryani is a long and pointy rice that has very low carbs. Different from the normal white rice, after being out for a while, the biryani loses its carbohydrates. The soft texture makes me want to order up! Would you like to have “Prawn Biryani” as well?

Garlic Naan

When order the curry and masala, you must have an order of naan. For those who love garlic, you mustn’t miss out on this “Garlic Naan”. It is a perfect accessory to all kinds of Indian dishes.


Who prefers thinner pizzas? You can try this DOSA! Remember to take a quick shot and eat it fast because it is better when it is still hot!

Mango Lassi

Indian dish are usually more flavourful, so people in India love drinking lassi. This time I order a Mango Lassi and it help ease the grease. With real mango in the drink, this is too good to be true!

AddressShop 18, G/F Block 27, Rua de Seng Tou Get Direction
AttractionsTaipa Central Park