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Double Chocolate Cookies
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Double Chocolate Cookies

Macau is small but there are many little shops. How to differentiate from competitors is one of the biggest questions every dessert shop asks themselves. Maqi is located around the St. Paul’s Ruin. The chef has a blue ribbon and a lot of experiences traveling around Europe. She is an artist and also a chef. Her mission is to share her work with others and cookies are her medium.

Hours: Mon - Fri 11:30 - 17:30, Sat 11:30 - 15:30, close on Sundays

Phone: +853 2897 3737


Double Chocolate Cookies

Some people might have concerns seeing the word “double” but Maqi uses 64% dark chocolate so they cookies are lower in sugar content. Combining with pecan flakes, the cookies are chewy and crunchy.

Matcha Cookies

These Matcha Cookies have some surprise and delight. Besides using Matcha from Ja-pan, Maqi added white chocolate and pumpkin seeds into the recipe. The texture is dif-ferent from the others. They taste like a spring time dream.

Taro Cookies

Taro is so popular these days and Maqi is keeping up with the trend. Combining taro and almonds, they cookies are a purple wonderland. They are such a heart warming treat in the winter time.

AddressRua do seminario no.160 Macao, China Get Direction
AttractionsA-ma Temple