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Original Okonomiyaki
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Original Okonomiyaki

Nobiyaki is definitely a one of a kind okonomiyaki shop in Macau. The space doesn’t have fancy decoration. The menu also only has a few items but their quality of okonomiyaki is really high. Okonomiyaki is originated in Kansei in Japan. It’s made of flavor batter, eggs, cabbage and seafood. After mixing all the ingredients, the batter is pan fried, drenched with a special sauce and katsu o bushi (fish flakes). This is such an iconic dish when trav-eling to Japan but not quite common in Macau yet. The owner has a special love for this dish so nobiyaki is created!

Hours: 11:00 - 22:00 (Close on Mondays)

Phone: +853 6308 0026


Original Okonomiyaki

The ingredients include corn, imitation crab, eggs and cabbage. The special sauce and fish flakes are also key to the dish. The pie is firm but moist, the cabbage is crunchy and juicy. The corn adds a hint of sweetness to the pie. Feeling fancy? Try the king crab ver-sion.

Signature Crispy Spicy Wings

Besides okonomiyaki, there are other snacks items on the menu. One order has 8 wings. It’s crispy outside and juicy inside. They are a little spicy but very tender and delicious.

Beef Ribs Fried Noodles

Just like Ramen and dumplings. Okonomiyaki and fried noodles are another famous pair and you can also find them here. Every noodle is covered in this Japanese style sauce. It’s flavorful but not too heavy. The beef ribs and fried egg are the perfect partner with the noodles. The yolk is still runny, dip the noodles in it and that brings out another kind of flavor! Try some tomatoes and cucumbers when you want a refresh in taste.

Fried Cheese Bites

The outside is golden crispy and the inside is creamy and runny The cheese bites are so fun to eat. They melt in your mouth and also in your heart.

Friend Cheese Rice Cake

Smooth and rich cheese is such a good match with chewy and wholesome rice cakes. They are very addictive so just forget about the calories and enjoy a few bites of heavenly deliciousness.

Address31 R. de Afonso de Albuquerque, Macao Get Direction
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