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Kun An Long
Salty Egg Yolk Golden Wings
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Kun An Long
Salty Egg Yolk Golden Wings

More innovative restaurants have been opened in Macau lately. Kun An Long carries through three generations and it is still innovating. The two-sibling owners are both food-ies and very passionate about trying new food items. After working in different fields for a few years, they decided to open this cafe using the old store name of their grandfather’s. They want to pass down the name from the previous generations. The older brother is in charge of the kitchen and the younger sister is in charge in the front.

Hours: 07:30 - 20:00

Phone: +853 2875 2238


Salty Egg Yolk Golden Wings

The wings are crispy and juicy. They have a special appeal when they are right out of the stove. The fresh cooked wings are still sizzling, and you can smell the salty egg yolk from far away. It’s so delicious looking and the golden color makes them even better.

Thick Toast with Eggs and Green Onion

The Toast is huge! And it’s only $22. It’s so amazing to get this super thick cut egg in it. It’s rich and fluffy. The toast is slightly burnt and crunchy. You can hear the sound by bit-ing into it.

Pork Fat Lo Mein (Add an Egg)

You know it’s a heavy flavor dish simply by hearing the name. The pork fat is being pre-served by a special process. It’s so rich and flavorful that a lot of foodie love its unique taste. Pairing with the lo mein, they dish is on another level. Have some cucumber when you feel a little too heavy.

AddressShop 94A, G/F, Hung Hei Building, Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral, Costa Get Direction
AttractionsGeneral Ye Ting's Former Residence