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Fu Kei Congee
Gap Dek Congee
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Fu Kei Congee
Gap Dek Congee

There are still many original old restaurants in Macau but when it comes to congee, only very few left. Fu Kei is definitely one of the OGs. It has history and memories. The stove has been serving fresh and delicious congee for more than 40 years. This restaurant still has old style decorations, even the menu and items are reflecting time and history. It’s worth a visit if you want to have a bowl of comforting and amazing congee.

Hours: 07:30 - 12:00 Off on Mondays

Phone: +853 2838 4706


Gap Dek Congee

Pork intestines, meat balls, livers are added to this congee. Don’t worry, the ingredients are all cleaned and fresh. The ginger and onion bring more flavors out of the congee. It’s very delicious and comforting.

Meat Ball and Fish Congee

The Cantonese style of congee is to cook the rice until it’s soft and open. The texture is soft and sticky, it’s great eating with the fried dough sticks. The bowl is full of meat balls and fish but the price is still very cheap. In order to attract to a younger audience, the res-taurant also offers quinoa option for MOP 2.

Chicken Congee

The spirit of chicken congee is for the rice to have a rich flavor of chicken but at the same time not too overwhelming. This popular item seems very simple but it takes a lot of effort. The chicken is soft and tender. Most of the meat is chicken breast so it’s also a healthier option.

AddressShop D, G/F, 83 Av. de Horta e Costa, Costa Get Direction
AttractionsEdifício do Mercado Vermelho