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Hokkaido Butter Ramen (Colorless Spicy)
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Hokkaido Butter Ramen (Colorless Spicy)

Kumano in Taipa is quite popular among younger customers. The three owners here are in charge of three different areas of the business. However, they all work toward the same goals, which is to serve every customer the best quality of ingredients, innovation and great presentation. The little brother takes care of the kitchen and the older brother and the business partner take care of the dining area. They like to spend time to know their customers and to provide food that best fit their tastes. Receiving feedback can also lead to better quality of food. The restaurant is not very big but the design is very nice. There is a board with daily specials and all of the ingredients are shipped daily from Japan.

Open Hours: 11:30 - 23:30

Phone: +853 6328 2205


Hokkaido Butter Ramen (Colorless Spicy)

Ramen is one of the “must tries” in Japanese restaurants. Butter Ramen is famous in Hokkaido and it’s simply named after the core ingredient - butter. The noodles are shipped from Japan and the broth is prepared firstly frying in a hot pan. The colorless spicy soup is first in Macau. The broth looks just like regular tonkotsu but it tastes spicy! Customers can also choose the level of spiciness so if you don’t like it spicy you can also enjoy the ramen.

Mentaiko Wings

Mentaiko wings are not the most common item but they have their loyal fans. The wings are soft and tender and stuffed with mentaiko and other spices. It’s heavenly tasty. The sauce is perfectly seasoned and you can enjoy the rich flavor of wings and mentaiko in each bite. It’s very addictive.


AddressShop l, G/F, Edificio Vai Chui Garden, 218 Rua de Nam Keng, Flores Get Direction
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