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Diced Sashimi Donburi Lunch Set
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Diced Sashimi Donburi Lunch Set

Japan has its magical charisma on me. No matter its a trip to Japan, reading manga or having Japanese cuisine, I love them all. I heard that Japanese Yen went down a bit late-ly, it seems to be a good time to plan my next trip but working full-time has put some con-straint on me. Therefore, I want to introduce a high-quality Japanese restaurant in Macau to temporarily fulfill me and other Japan lovers desire. The restaurant is two level tall, lo-cated by 112 R. de Fat San. One of the biggest highlights is that the head chef here is the student of Toshio Miyamoto san from Sushi Palace Kanetomi. The restaurant also offers a huge variety of sushi, meal sets and fusion cuisine.

Hours: 12:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 1:30

Phone: +853 2883 0496


Diced Sashimi Donburi Lunch Set

Sumo soon became a good place for students for lunch because they have great deals. There are two types of sashimi donburi only available during lunch time. I want to recom-mend the Diced Sashimi Donburi. All the fish in this rice bowl is freshly shipped from Ja-pan. They get different type of fish everyday. The set also comes with miso soup. The mi-so soup looks simple but you can taste the sophistication in it.

Ei Sushi Set

All nigiri sushi is handled by the head chef here. You might think that the price is a little high but the fresh ingredient is worth it! The set includes 8 different nigiri and 6 small tu-na rolls.

Address141 R. de Aveiro, AL Get Direction
AttractionsJardim da Cidade das Flores