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Bro Mei’s sour and spicy noodles
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Bro Mei’s sour and spicy noodles

More and more Sichuan restaurants have been opened in Macau. May be it’s because more younger people can eat spicier food nowadays. But more people might not know that “hot” is not a taste instead it’s a kind of pain you feel inside your mouth. This restaurant is not the most authentic but it’s definitely delicious! You can also customize your level of spiciness when ordering. Big portion with a cheap price, many neighbors loving eating here.


Xuewang MOP 72, Wasabi Jelly Fish and Chicken MOP 68, Garlic Fried Wings MOP 38, Pickled Fish MOP 118

Hours: Monday - Sunday 12:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 01:00

Phone: +853 63693868



Xuewang is from Chongqing but it’s now popular in Sichuan as well. Since it’s harder to find duck blood here, Bro Mei uses pork blood instead. It’s spicy and numbing. There is also sliced beef, beef stomach and spam. The greasy and shiny slice beef is so tempting.

Garlic Fired Wings

Wings are many people’s favorite. Even though garlic friend wings is common and easy to make but this restaurant brings a unique flavor to the table. The wings are tender and juicy. It’s still really crispy when I tried it after a while of photo-shooting. The taste of garlic with their special ingredients, it’s super yummy!

Address22 R. da Roseira Rua dos Curtidores Get Direction
AttractionsCasa Garden