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Shanghai Fuchun Xiao Long
Fuchun Meat Soup Dumplings
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Shanghai Fuchun Xiao Long
Fuchun Meat Soup Dumplings

Having soup dumpling is Shanghai is the same as having Portuguese egg tart in Macau, it’s a must do! The well-known store - Fuchun Xiao Long, is not opened in Macau. I heard that people have to wait in line everyday to be able to taste the soup dumplings here. It also has a high rating on the internet. Besides soup dumplings, they also provide some Shanghainese dishes. It’s a little sweet for us Cantonese but it’s definitely worth trying the authentic taste.

Orders: Fuchun Meat Soup Dumplings MOP 38, Salty Fish and Meat MOP 65, Vinegar Fish MOP 80, Braised Pork MOP 85, Sweet Osmanthus Jelly MOP 26

Store Information:

Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 21:00

Phone: +853 2882 8261


Fuchun Meat Soup Dumplings

The soup dumplings are “made to order” with 5 steps through the process. Therefore, customers have to prepare to wait for a while. The dumpling wrap is not very thin, soup is not a lot but the meat has the scent of rice wine and soy sauce. The hot soup is fresh and flavorful. Yummy!

Braised Pork

Even though you can find braised pork anywhere now but the Shanghainese style is still my favorite. The braised pork here is shiny and red. It’s soft and tender and it’s great eating with rice!

Address121 R. do Visc. Paco de Arcos Get Direction
AttractionsKang Zhenjun temple
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