10-Flavors Wings

Causual style cafes are booming in Macau, but how many of they can give you a memorable experience? I walked into the alley of a local neighborhood to seek what this little cafe has to offer. Staring at the street from the window while I was waiting for my order. I felt relaxed and peaceful. What a nice little get away.

Orders: Smoked Salmon & Mushroom Risotto MOP 88,10-Flavors Wings MOP 45, Banana Almond Chocolate Waffles MOP 45, Japanese Matcha Ice Dessert


10-Flavors Wings

The chef uses 10 different spices to marinate the wings! They look very simple but it’s rich and flavorful. The wings are golden and crispy, and can definitely make you drool.

Banana Almond Chocolate Waffles

Banana and Chocolate has always been one of my favorite combinations, since the smooth and sweet banana goes perfectly with the rich and dark chocolate. The waffles are crispy outside and fluffy inside and the almond nuts gave them another layer of great texture. I need to try all other flavors next time!

Address8 R. do Ultramar Black C, Macau Get Direction
AttractionsGeneral Ye Ting's Former Residence
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