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Cakez Kitchen
Honey Dew Soufflé Pancake
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Cakez Kitchen
Honey Dew Soufflé Pancake

Food Hunting in Fai Chi Kei, Searching for the most Diverse Kitchen

Fai Chi Kei is one of the residential districts in Macau in Freguesai de Nossa Senhora de Fàtima. Most tourists wouldn’t visit this area, but there are actually many local recommended great restaurants here

“Cakez Kitchen” is a very popular restaurant located within some residential buildings. The main store “Cakez Café” locates around Largo do São Domingos. However, “Cakez Kitchen” offers a wider variety of main dishes and desserts. It’s a great place for family dinner. The chef has experience working at 5-star hotels, so the quality of food is guaranteed


Seafood Squid Ink Pasta – The Squid Ink Pasta is very flavorful and nicely cooked al dente. You can taste a mouthful of the ocean

Buffalo Wings – The wings are sour and spicy, very appetizing. If you want a milder taste, you can dip them in the blue cheese pickled dipping sauce.

Japanese Grilled Eel Pizza – You don’t find eel pizza easily! The pizza is thin crust very crispy. Besides eel, there are Okra, white mushrooms, onions, seaweed and loads of cheese!

Honey Dew Soufflé Pancake – This Japanese honey dew is so sweet! The pancakes are soft and fluffy, They are such a perfect match!

AddressRUA MARGINAL DO LAM MAU, NO.349, 375 Get Direction
AttractionsFreguesia de Santo António