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Tong Ma Diner
Chicken Pilau with Rice
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Tong Ma Diner
Chicken Pilau with Rice

Even though Macau is a small city, it has a lot of different cuisines to offer. One of the most iconic foods must be the fusion cuisine of Cantonese, Macaunese and Portuguese. Tong Ma Diner has them all. It has a strong Portuguese cuisine approach with a unique Cantonese Cafe component. It can definitely surprise and delight you. The owner named the restaurant “Tong Ma” because she used to hang out at the Amaral area a lot when she was little. She loves that area a lot that’s why she called the diner “Tong Ma”.

Hours: 08:00 - 17:30 (Closed on Mondays)

Phone: +853 2871 7519


Chicken Pilau with Rice

The diner has only been in business for two months but it has gained quite a lot of popu-larity. The Chicken Pilau is one of the signature dishes. The fried rice is golden and nicely seasoned, topped with a thick-cut chicken filet, fried eggs and ham. The dish is finished with a slice of butter on top to enhance its flavor.

Thick Eggs & Sausage Toast with Cheese

This thick-cut sandwich is another great item to fill up your stomach. The egg is super thick and the sausage patty is also very generous. It’s big but till manageable. The slice of cheese brings a lot of flavor to the sandwich. What an amazing dish.

Beef Curry Macaroni

If you are still not full yet, try their beef curry macaroni. The beef is cut into bite sizes. The green and red pepper adds a lot of color to the dish and the curry is so rich that you can smell it from afar.

AddressRua de Entre-Campos, No 7AA, R/C, Macau Get Direction
AttractionsCasa Garden