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Lavish Gourmet
Pork Belly Skewers w/ Rice
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Lavish Gourmet
Pork Belly Skewers w/ Rice

Lavish Gourmet is located by the stone loins on Ouvidor Arriaga. The interior is concrete industrial style. There is a nice main dining area and some smaller rooms for private gatherings. The design of the space is definitely good for an Instagram picture. The sig-nature here is handmade whole pizza, more fiber, less fat. It’s a healthier option compare to plain flavor dough pizza.


Pork Belly Skewers w/ Rice

In order to maintain the high quality, many restaurants are using some luxurious ingredi-ents in their dishes. This rice dish includes pork belly skewer and a whole cololabis saira. Matching with a fried egg and fish sauce, the plate contains all favors from the sky, the sea and the land. It’s hard to find another place that offers such good value in Macau. Lavish also offers student discounts, come here in your uniform and enjoy this dish for just $49!

Wagyu & Cheese Pizza

The amount of wagyu on this pizza is just insane! It’s not slices, it’s not dice. Those are basically small bites of stakes! The meat is fresh and favorful. Pairing with a mixture of cheese, mozzarella and marinara sauce, it’s such a premium experience.

Braised Beef Pho

Besides pizza, Lavish also offers Veitnamese dishes. This braised beef pho is no joke. The broth is made of tons of beef bones, it’s rich and fresh. Carrot is another star in this noodle soup. The natural sweetness brings out even more favors from the beef.

AddressAv. do Ouvidor Arriaga No. 29, Edificio Keng Kwong Get Direction
AttractionsPuji Temple