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Hou Keng Sun Hong Cafe
Salty Cod Fish Fried Rice
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Hou Keng Sun Hong Cafe
Salty Cod Fish Fried Rice

This hidden family run shop has very simple interior. However, it’s been in business for about 20 years. The environment is comfortable and clean with some very friendly staff. Even it’s a Cantonese cafe, the owner is from a Portuguese family, that’s why they also provide iconic Portuguese food. A lot or neighbors love coming here. The price is right, the taste is good. It’s worth a try.

Hours: 07:30 - 17:30

Phone: +853 2835 1255


Salty Cod Fish Fried Rice

Since the owner is from a Portuguese family so this dish is on the menu. They use a rich amount of ingredients and the cod fish was nicely fried into thin strings. It’s very delicious with a lot of different texture.

Duo Dumplings

Another really good dish is the duo dumplings. Compare to other Cantonese cafe, Hou Keng uses more big size shrimps in their dumplings. All of them is hand-made daily, very fresh and high quality. Moreover, the price is even lower than some other cafes.

Sausage & Minced Pork with Rice

Minced Pork is a pretty common item is Cantonese cafe. Hou Keng combines sausages and minced pork in a stir-fry, so the mix has more texture and flavors. A lot of customers love this dish.

Address21 Coelho do Amaral, Santo Antonio Get Direction
AttractionsCasa Garden