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Nagasaki karei flounder with Hokkaido uni sea urchin
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Nagasaki karei flounder with Hokkaido uni sea urchin

There is a luxurious Japanese restaurant located inside Wynn Palace. This restaurant was awarded Michelin two-stars and Forbes Travel Guide Star Awards in 2017 and 2019. Here, you will be able to experience the ultimate sushi, tempura and Japanese grill expe-rience. This places called Mizumi. Today, we are reaching the stars.

Omakase comes from Japanese 「 ぉ任せ」. It’s a meal that you don’t order your items from a set menu. I think the Omakase at Mizumi is a must try since the Master chef has years of experience in both traditional and modern Japanese cuisine.

The Omakase is a full course meal including sashimi, soup, sushi, main course and des-sert. All ingredients are sourced directly from Japan and I promise you will have an unfor-gettable dinner here.

Hours: 17:30 - 23:30 (close on Wednesdays)

Phone: +853 8986 3663


Nagasaki karei flounder with Hokkaido uni sea urchin

The flounder is very tender. Topped with Hokkaido sea urchin and black truffle slices, the dish has amazing rich flavors.

Kagoshima katsuo bonito

Fish lovers might be familiar with katsuo fish. Making sashimi of the fish is also a great option. September to November is the best season to eat katsuo. The fish is muscular and very rich in flavor.

Homemade smoked Hokkaido sake salmon, Shizuoka awabi abalone tempura with aba-lone liver sauce, Hokkaido corn with homemade Hokkaido corn cream

Smoked Hokkaido salmon has a distinct flavor. The abalone tempura is also very unique. The shell fish is sweet and tender. Pairing with homemade Hokkaido the corn cream, it’s smooth and rich. The beautiful corn fragrance lingers inside your mouth after each sip.

Master Chef Burger

This creative burger is stacked with layers of flavors. Hokkaido hairy crab meat and uni is stuffed inside two pieces of crispy basil. It’s like the taste of pure happiness.

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