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FWF Hot Pot
House-made Shrimp Paste
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FWF Hot Pot
House-made Shrimp Paste

FWF Hotpot is here in Macau! Now, you don’t even need to leave Macau but you will still be able to enjoy this super popular hotpot restaurant. There is nothing a meal of hotpot can’t fix. If there is, just come to FWF Hotpot twice! The restaurant has a rich Chinese vintage design. Many ingredients are shipped daily, such as cow stomach, pork aorta and goose intestines. The broth is also very spicy and rich.

Hours: 18:00 - 03:00

Phone: +853 2827 0898


House-made Shrimp Paste

The ingredient is fresh blue shrimp. Chopped by hands, which makes the shrimp paste very tender and juicy. The dish is 97% shrimp, that’s also what the restaurant is very proud of. No matter you put it in red soup or white soup. It’s really flavorful. Remember, it only takes 30 seconds to cook!

Fried Bean Curd

The bean curd is produced in Guangxi. It’s golden in color, thin but firm, and the most special thing is that it’s made of the local soy bean and natural spring water. It’s very light and sweet. After deep fried, it becomes a great dish for hot soup. Soak it in the broth for a min, it’s spicy and savory.

Sichuan Spicy Beef

Fresh cut beef with a bunch of dry chili on top. I started drooling the second it was put on the table. The chili is from Guizhou. Spicy lovers are going to have a great time enjoying this dish. FWF Hotpot is really good at using its chili. It’s a great combo of flavors and smell.

AddressAvenida do Governador Jaime Silverio Marques 237 - 285, Shop AD Get Direction
AttractionsMacao Cultural Centre