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Matcha Cafe Maiko
Maiko Special
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Matcha Cafe Maiko
Maiko Special

When it comes to the Japanese quintessences, Kabuki is probably the most recogniza-ble. The costume, makeup and historical accessories nicely represent the long history of Japan. Matcha Cafe Maiko has great style and the items are also very sophisticate. The shop is headquartered in Hawaii and managed by Japanese. Customer traffic was totally out of expectation and it has expended to other states in the US and Canada. Fortunate-ly, now there is a branch here in Macau. The shop is specialized in shaved-ice style matcha items. The ice is not too rich or creamy but super refreshing.

Open Hours: 11:00 - 20:00

Phone: +853 2931 0383


Maiko Special

There is milk and tea cake, some caramel jelly, crisps, red bean, mocha and chestnuts at the bottom and finally top with some soft serve ice-cream. So many textures and layers in this one little cup. The portion is actually quite big but if you love all the items it has, you should never miss this amazing item.

Cheese Matcha Latte

Matcha desserts are basically ever green. A lot of young people almost see them as “life savers”. It seems like any item with some matcha elements is going to boost its taste. This Cheese Latte is one of the examples. I would like to recommend this item to people who truly love matcha! It’s so rich in both matcha and cheese. It has the power you calm your heat down in this hot summer.

Address7-11 R. do Cmte. Mata e Oliveira, Macau Get Direction
AttractionsOctagonal Pavilion Library