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Chak In Kei
Purple Yam Egg Waffles
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Chak In Kei
Purple Yam Egg Waffles

Macau is a city of gastronomy, street food can be found in every block and alley. Egg waf-fles, red bean ice and other retro items are full of childhood memories. They definitely re-mind us of the old times when street food is served on a vender kart. Chak In Kei has more than 74 years of history. Their food tastes full of warm-hearted feelings. Besides egg waffles, the store has invented a few new items to fit the younger generation’s taste, such as the purple yam and caramel flavors. All sounds so appetizing and they are attracting a new audience. The Portuguese style and road sign in the store paint a new vintage sce-ne of the past. It’s almost like visiting the past when you are in it.

Open Hours: 12:00 - 22:00

Phone: +853 6300 6109


Purple Yam Egg Waffles

Purple yam is such an internet famous flavor but it’s also popular among foodies. I had to line up for a while to be able to try this purple yam egg waffle. The purple yam paste is hand-made, so it tastes very different from other places. You can taste the dedication in each bite.

Caramel Portuguese Egg Tart Waffles

If you have a sweet tooth, you could love this caramel Portuguese egg tart flavor. Portu-guese egg tart is simply the icon of Macau food. It’s been popular since day one. The combination of Portuguese egg tart and egg waffles is very interesting. Definitely worth a try if you like desserts. It is full of rich egg flavor with a punch of Portuguese egg tart taste. The extra caramel is give your mouth another level of stimulation.

AddressG/F, 61 Rua da Barca, Santo Antonio Get Direction
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