There are many good food around Mayfair Garden in Taipa. This Japanese restaurant of-fers fresh ingredients and more importantly, the owner is a Taiwanese with years of run-ning a Japanese restaurant experience. Isn’t that an interesting combination? The restau-rant has regular tables but also a grill bar area for solo diners. It’s also a great opportunity to chat with the cooks in the restaurant.

Hours: 11:30-14:30; 17:30-22:00

Phone: +853 2885 6523



Omakase is usually found in very high-end restaurants but you can also find it here at Ippindendou. Please remember that the limited omakase is offered in a specific time and maximum to a party of three. The most interesting part is everything served is recom-menced by the chef. My meal included snapper, spinach wrap, pandalidae and uni. There is also a mini sashimi donburi, braised grouper , etc. Dessert was a mango yogurt. If you want to enjoy the omakase menu, be sure to make a reservation 24-hour in ad-vance.

AddressEdificio Mei Keng Garden, R. de Bragança, Macau Get Direction
AttractionsTaipa Four Faced Buddha