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Noodle and Congee Corner
Barbecue Pork & Thousand Year Egg Congee
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Noodle and Congee Corner
Barbecue Pork & Thousand Year Egg Congee

Hand-made noodles 24/7! Try this 70-feet long “noodle”

It’s not hard to find a restaurant that opens 24/7 in Macau, but it’s hard to find one that keeps the high quality all time. Noodle & Congee Corner located at U2 at the Grand Lis-boa Hotel is capable of doing so! The restaurant was Michelin recommended. Now it has a new space and name after relocation. It’s spacious with a semi-open kitchen to show-case the chef’s techniques. The menu still includes hand-made noodles, congee, barbe-cue and stir-fries. If you come early in the day, you might be able to try their limited dim sum!

Hours: 24/7

Phone: +853 8803 7755


Barbecue Pork & Thousand Year Egg Congee

The Congee is a must try at the Noodle and Congee Corner. The thousand-year egg congee is different compare to other places. The pork and honey barbecue pork instead of regular lean park. The congee is also cooked with water crabs. The combination is so amazing. I personally love their barbecue pork a lot. It’s sweet and juicy, the congee is soft and smooth. Get a fried dough if you want some more texture to go with your congee!

One Noodle Soup

The restaurant is also famous for its hand-made noodles. There are “scissors noodles”, “hand-craft noodles”, “one-noodle” and others. They all look different with different tex-ture! I personally recommend the 70-feet long “one noodle soup”. The entire bowl only contains one noodle. The texture is similar to udon noodles, it’s chewy and bouncy.

AddressGrand Lisboa Level U2 Get Direction
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