Music Kitchen
Pork Chop Bun

The Neighborhood Diner in Praça Ponte Horta. Come Experience a Delicious and Low-Price Portuguese Meal.

This neighborhood store is located deep in Praça Ponte Horta serving Portuguese food. It’s not easy to notice their main entrance and some might think that it’s a private diner. The owner has years of experience working in the hotel kitchen. They opened up their dream restaurants a few years ago. However, it got destroyed by the typhoon. Eighty per-cent of the store was ruined. The owner didn’t give up and reopened the store after re-modeling. They continue to serve authentic Portuguese cuisine to the neighborhood in this small alley.

Hours: 11:00 - 23:00

Phone: +853 2893 0263


Pork Chop Bun

Even though pork chop bun is not really in Portuguese cuisine but it’s definitely one of the owners favorite. It is also a special item for many Macaunese. You might have your favorite place for a pork chop bun but you need to try the ones here at Music Kitchen next time you visit. The pork chop is as thick as your palm. It’s marinated with their special sauce with a lot of onions.

African Chicken

You would probably want to eat the chicken with rice simply by looking at the picture. The African Chicken here is my top three favorite in Macau. The sauce includes more than 20 difference spices. The chicken is nicely pan-fried then baked in the oven. It’s sweet, spicy and savory. It’s good with rice or bread.

Address17 R. do Tesouro r/c I Get Direction
AttractionsPraça de Ponte e Horta
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