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Three Meals a Day
Spicy Minced Pork Rice
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Three Meals a Day
Spicy Minced Pork Rice

There is finally an authentic Taiwanese minced pork rice in Macau! It as tasty as it sounds.

Minced pork rice is a very common and traditional dish in Taiwan. It’s kind of like Tom Yum in Thailand, burgers in America and Fish n’ Chips in the UK. Even though, compar-atively the ingredients are cheaper in a bowl of minced pork rice but a good bowl definite-ly requires a lot of effort. There are some options in Macau for Taiwanese food but rarely an authentic one when it comes to minced pork rice. “Three Meals a Day” is managed by Taiwanese and they have something that you won’t be able to get anywhere.


Spicy Minced Pork Rice

“Three Meals a Day” created their own unique recipe for this spicy minced pork rice. They use pork with some skin and fat and chopped it by hand. Adding some old soy sauce and spicy, the meat is soft and tender, sweet and savory. It creates an amazing umami. The spiciness is the right amount and the pearl rice matches the sauce and the meat perfectly. I like to mix some pickled cucumber and the soft boiled egg with it.

Taiwanese Pop Corn Chicken

Pop corn chicken is also another signature item in Taiwan. It’s easy to find almost anywhere on the street. The garlic pop corn chicken is famous here. You can smell it before it’s served on the table and everyone loves it just by the smell. You can also request extra garlic if you want.

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