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Dia Dia Cake & Cookie
Matcha Strawberry Cake

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Have you been asked, “when do you like to eat cakes?” before? I found my answers growing up. I like sweet strawberry cakes when I’m happy, I eat a sour lemon tart when I am angry, and I will get myself a bitter chocolate cake when I am down. This cake shop uses great ingredients to make its delicious cakes. It also has great prices with all kind of flavors. I can find the perfect one here no matter how I feel that day.

Hours: 12:00 – 20:00

Phone: +853 6382 8926


Matcha Strawberry Cake

Dia Dia’s Matcha strawberry cake uses the matcha powder from Kyoto, the “matcha hometown” in Japan. A rich scent of matcha runs to your nose when you take a bite. It’s not too sweet when you eat it with those fresh strawberries and they also balance the bitterness of the matcha taste. It’s the best for matcha lovers.

Purple Yam Chiffon Cake

The purple yam chiffon cake is definitely one of the most popular items at Dia Dia. It’s such a pleasure to simply look at it. And yes, it’s also a pleasure in your mouth. The process of making the cake is complicated. They purple yum filling has to be prepared freshly every day and mixed with whipped cream. It’s amazing with the spongy texture of the chiffon cake.

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