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Macau Filho Gourmet
Macau Filho Tacho

Great price local Portuguese restaurant located close to Old Taipa Village. The non-MSG recipe brings them pride.

I assume many local friends are just like me, who have been enjoying local Portuguese food since little but didn’t know it’s Portuguese at all. Such as the items you can easily find in a Cantonese cafe, like ox tail noodles soup, baked pork chop rice and coconut chicken rice. These are the items full of culture is history that represents Macau. All these dishes mentioned are perfected by their sauce. They are also some major “rice stealers”! Macau Filho Gourmet makes very authentic local Portuguese food and it’s around of be-ing MSG free. Some of the recipes are based on the owner’s childhood memories of tast-ing the food. You must come visit this place if you are interested in trying the local Portu-guese food.


Macau Filho Tacho

Worry about the Tacho’s portion being too big? This is a perfect Tacho for one person to enjoy solo. The portion is the best size for one and it’s a really good price. Tacho is a dish with a mixture of different Chinese and Portuguese ingredients. There are 13 different food in it. The dish used to only be served during holidays and special occasions since it’s expensive to get all the ingredients. Therefore, Tacho also represents gathering in the local

Pork Legs with Plum Sauce

This dish might not be a local Portuguese dish but I have to recommend it since I love it so much! It’s probably because of their MSG-free recipe, this dish tastes extra delicious. The pork leg is full of protein and braised till soft and tender with some sour plums. It’s a great comfort food and it gives you good appetite.

AddressTaipa Tv. Lou Fu Happy Garden No. 1-33 Block C Get Direction
AttractionsOur Lady of Carmel Church
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