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Coloane Cafe
Beef Meat Balls
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Coloane Cafe
Beef Meat Balls

Coloane, some also call it the back yard of Macau, has a totally different atmosphere compare to the rest of the city. It is located at the south of Macau with mountains, beaches and woods. The air is also fresher here. There are usually fewer tourists here as well since it’s farther away from the city center. This cantonese cafe is located by the Coloane pier and it has a very diverse menu. It has many surprises for its guests.


Beef Meat Balls MOP 36, Noodles with Chicken Thigh MOP 27, Spicy Tuna Sandwich MOP 27, Toast with Cheese & Egg MOP 28, Water with Lemon MOP 16, Iced Coffee MOP 23

Time: 07:30 - 18:00

Phone: +853 28882068


Beef Meat Balls

Beef meat balls are almost as popular as fish balls in Macau. You can easily find them in any noodles or hotpot shops. Here, they make their own beef meat balls. The meat balls are bouncy but tender. They have a very rich beef flavor and they are also nicely seasoned.

Toast with Cheese & Egg

Cut the toast in half and you can see the egg yolk is melting into the cheese inside. This is the best way to enjoy your sandwich! This dish takes a while to make. Be patient or order right away when you have your are seated.

AddressR. dos Navegantes 4a-4b, Block A Get Direction
AttractionsColoane pier