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Blue Fin Seafood House
Curry Cheesy Lobster with Pasta
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Blue Fin Seafood House
Curry Cheesy Lobster with Pasta

When I need to place for a big group, I will go look at restaurants in Fai Chi Kei. A lot of amazing restaurants didn’t get notice since most people think of it as a residential area. Blue Finn Seafood House is located by Club Aqua, the place has a Mediterranean theme. The interior is tall and spacious. You can feel the difference visiting Day or Night. They also have a big menu with very reasonable price. It’s a great place for gathering and dating.

Orders: Spectacular Eel Rice MOP 108, Nuts sauce with Beef Slices MOP 198, Hamayaki Jiro MOP 78, Curry Cheesy Lobster with Pasta MOP 228

Store Information:

Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 00:00

Phone: +853 2823 3000


Curry Cheesy Lobster with Pasta

A distinct smell of cheese and curry coming from this dish of lobster pasta. They have also de-shell the lobster so it’s very easy to eat. The portion is big enough for two. Since the lobster was very fresh, it’s flavor didn’t get covered by the cheese and curry. YUM!

Spectacular Eel Rice

A full eel is served with rice. It’s really attractive and the eel is almost boneless. It’s easy to eat for both adults and kids. The eel sauce is also home-made by the restaurant. It’s sweet and appetizing. Remember this dish has a limited order every day! Reserve one before your next visit!

AddressPrecious Jade Garden (lei Meng Kok), R. da Doca Seca, Macau Get Direction
AttractionsEdifício do Mercado Vermelho