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Taisyou Japanese Tabehodai
Combination Seafood
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Taisyou Japanese Tabehodai
Combination Seafood

“Tabehodai” is a Japanese phase, which means you can order and eat all you want, usually in a limited time period. Taisyou’s Barbecue Tabehodai is the one I go most of the time. As it’s shown in the picture, the store has a retro Japanese vibe and old Japanese pop songs are played inside. It makes you feel like you have just passed through the time travel tunnel and gone to the past. The owner loves Japanese culture and also has a lot of respect toward the Japanese spirit of detail orientation. He also wants customers who come here for barbecue to feel energized after each meal.

Order: MOP 238/person +10% service charge, include Combination Skewer, Combination Seafood, Grilled Beef Karubi, Grilled Thick Cut Angus Beef, Chessy Bacon Volcano, Buttered Corn with Herbs, Grill Beef Tongue, Matcha Ice-cream

Store Information:

Hours: Monday to Sunday 18:30 - 02:30

Phone: +853 6374 2121


Combination Seafood

Even though it’s all you can eat, but the plating was very pretty. This seafood plate is super instagramable and your friends will definitely give a like to it. There are scallops, oysters, squid, prawns, mussels, eels, and others. They are all very fresh!

Cheesy Bacon Volcano

Attention Cheese lovers! This is a very popular item at Taisyou! Each person can only put in one order. Loads of cheese and bacon is stuffed inside a crispy golden bread crust. You will find a half cooked egg yolk inside the cheese lava. What a cool experience for your mouth!

AddressRua do Comandante João Belo 461, Edf. Lok Yeung Fa Yuen r/c J Get Direction
AttractionsTemporary Leisure Area at Lam Mau