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Whole Coconut Pudding
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Whole Coconut Pudding

Attention Mango Lovers! Go Visit this Hip and Popular Mango Themed Dessert Shop!

Desserts put love spells on people. I have dessert when I am happy, I also have dessert when I am down. I want to recommend one of my favorite dessert shops to you and hope it would lift your mood up

“K. Dessert” specialized in mango desserts. They use selected mangos from the Philippines. They are all fragrant and sweet, perfect for desserts!


Whole Coconut Pudding (MOP 28) and Whole Coconut Pudding with D24 Durian (MOP 38) are the most popular.

The pudding is soft and jiggly. The coconut scent lingers inside your mouth after every bite. Pud-ding with D24 is super worth it because you get loads of durian in it

D24 Durian Mochi (MOP 15) and Mango Mochi (MOP 15) – Coconut milk is used to make the thin cut mochi wrap

Coconut mix Mango (MOP 38)

A layer of coconut pudding lays at the bottom. The middle is mango and grape fruit mix. Some fresh mango and mango popping pearls cover on top. It’s doubled the size of a regular Mango Pomelo Sago

Mohinga (MOP 28)

This is the only salty dish at the store! The mohinga has a very dense and thick soup with a very rich pepper flavor. It tastes a little spicy but very appetizing!

AddressPátio da Eterna União, No.40, Edifício Weng Luen Get Direction
AttractionsFreguesia de São Lázaro
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