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Goobne Chicken Macau
Roasted Chicken
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Goobne Chicken Macau
Roasted Chicken

“One of Macau’s most popular Korean-style chicken restaurant! It’s “oil-free” so it’s also guilty free!”

There are so many Korean fried chicken shops nowadays. I feel super guilty every time after eating them, but today’s recommendation – “Goobne Chicken” has their own “oil-free” baking style to create the same deep-fried texture and taste. The chicken is just as crispy and yummy. All the juice is locked inside the batter. Ladies now don’t need to worry about gaining weight eating too much of this baked chicken

The store is very modern and comfortable. K-pop is on the playlist all time so the atmosphere is cool and chill. It’s a great place for friends and family gatherings!


Special Egg Hand Roll MOP 118 – This egg hand roll is stuffed with crab meat, seaweed, carrots etc. You can eat them with ketchup and honey mustard. The taste is rich and filling. Good for sharing.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken MOP 85 – It really tastes like it’s deep-fried but it’s actually baked! Quite amazing! The meat is tender and juicy, full of flavors. It the perfect match with a few bottles of beer!

Seafood Noodles with Black Bean Sauce MOP 120 – The noodles look dark but shinny. It tastes a little bitter but also sweet. Very unique! Need to hurry because if it cools down, it’s harder to mix.

Milky Matcha Shaved Ice MOP 68 – The shaved ice is soft and fluffy. Rich in matcha and milk flavors. Melt in an instant inside your mouth. Worth a try!

AddressRUA DE SENG TOU, NOS.197-203, LAI CHUI KOK, R/C, LOJA J, TAIPA Get Direction