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Liege Waffle
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Liege Waffle
Original Waffles

“Can’t get yourself to Belgium? You can find some authentic Belgium waffles here in Macau!”

Jeremy moved to Macau from Belgium after meeting his wife Maggie. They both love the Portuguese influence and lifestyle of Macau. Later, Jeremy wasn’t able to find any waffles that taste similar to his hometown “Liege”. Therefore, the couple decided to create their own and open up a waffle store


Original (MOP 20) – Parelsuiker is one of the special ingredients that’s used in making traditional Belgium waffles. They look like the shape of a pea, so they don’t melt easily. After baking, you can still find some crunchy bites in the waffles.

Raisin and Rum (MOP 30) – You can also find time limited flavors at “Liege”, I like this one because it’s sweet and sour and you can also taste the scent of rum!

Caramel Crisps (Big MOP 45, Small MOP 35) - They are full of caramels flavors but not overly sweet. Very addictive and I love to eat them with a cup of hot Cocoa

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