Greens Kitchen

“First Try “Light Meals”, Healthy Diet can still be Delicious and Addictive”

Many people are afraid that “light meals” won’t make you full or won’t be satisfying as a daily diet. In fact, this “light meal” restaurant provides a big variety of options for you to create your own salad (MOP 75). Look at all these colors!!

Besides “eating green”, this owner also love “being green”! They use a glass and a stainless steel straw for this beautiful slushy (MOP 88). If you bring your own tumblr next time, you can get a discount!

There are also some low fat, low sugar pastries available in the store. All are made of natural ingredients. They are the best snacks for healthy eaters

The owner had lived overseas for a longtime. After moving back to Macau, she felt that it’s really hard to find a restaurant that’s specialize in healthy diet. Therefore, she decided to create her own “Greens Kitchen”


Their juice is also made by a coldpress machine, which can keep the original flavors and nutritions of the fresh fruits.

AddressRua da Sé, No.20, Edf. Peng On Get Direction
AttractionsFreguesia da Sé
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