Brew Lab
Gold Coast

“Coffee was discovered from experiment and experiment was discovered from life’. Macau has been opening more coffee shops and it is almost as ubiquitous as convenient stores. However, among all the café, Brew Lab never fails to stand out and earns the hearts of coffee lovers. This is all because of the owners’ habit of adding unique qualities in classic coffee. We might as well call Brew Lab a laboratory instead of a café.

As soon as I entered the café, I can’t help but notice that the interior design is absolutely Instagram-perfect. Everywhere is an instagrammable spot, which attracts numerous people to take a snap.

Phone: 6818 9891

Opening hour: 12:00-19:00


Gold Coast

This breezy special-made coffee, Golden Coast, is made for this flaming summer. Putting mango, oranges, lemon with ice coffee, the combination of sweet and sour is a successful experiment on a bubbly coffee.


London is a mixture of Espresso, slightly sweeten elderflower tonic and caramel almond. If you want to try the alcoholic version of the drink, you can try Tipsy London with Roku. Try how it tastes like when coffee meets alcohol.

Flat White

In order to let the barista display his latte art skills, we ordered a cup of flat white. This flying horse is a work of art created by the barista. After a quick snap, you should drink up!

Signature Seafood; Bacon Avocado

If you are here for an afternoon tea, why don’t you order a croissant? The Signature Seafood is stuffed with fish, shrimp and crab. The filling is overloaded, it looks like the croissant can’t hold it in no more. If you are a meat lover, I would recommend you to get the Bacon Avocado one. The crunchie croissant and the overabundance filling make you full but not stuffed.

Basque Burnt Cheese ; Ovomaltine Burnt Cheese; Double Matcha Burnt Cheese

Burnt Cheese is unarguably coffee’s best company. The rich cheese scent matched with different flavors with a cup of London. This is a relaxing evening after all.

Address106 Rua do Matapau, Macao Get Direction
AttractionsSenado Square